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Apexi Super Ground System Plus W/ Muffler Earth
Part Number: 477-A904
Manufacturer: Apexi


Product Image

Note: Images may vary from actual product and specification

Developed using innovative new concepts, the new A'PEXi Super Ground System stabilizes electrical noise and voltage spikes. The Super Ground System maximizes electrical component efficiency by combining and electrical grounding system with a battery current and voltage stabilization control unit. The control unit features an electrical charging system and a double electrical noise filter. The electrical noise filter smooths turbulent electrical current, providing a stable and consistent voltage flow to all your vehicles electrical components. The A'PEXi Super Ground System maximizes the efficiency of all factory vehicle electrical systems allowing smoother engine operation, more efficient electrical component operation, and improved electrical current. The stylish voltage stabilizer box complements any engine bay with its attractive case design and ominous back lit A'PEXi logo. Features includes: -High capacity double condenser and double noise filter. Doubling the condenser and noise filter allows the battery to produce a solid and stable voltage current. Uses and easy layout, temperature resistant, ultra conductive 8 sq. OFC cable. The A'PEXi Ground System uses a high purity OFC cable (non-oxidized copper). Copper wire diameter: 0.12mm x 665 utilizes inter-twined wire. Max heat resistance: 106C. Allowable current: 75A. Standard equipped grounding feature directly connect the low resistance grounding cables from the unit to the alternator and engine head. Electrical components perform at maximum efficiency because of the improved electrical current. High quality illuminated LED adds stylish impact to engine bay. Extremely functional while adding a new dimension of style. Universal type fits most vehicle applications. 3 types of cable lengths and universal mounting bracket included. Note: Results may vary depending on vehicle.
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