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Honda Prelude w/11" Fan Fluidyne Aluminum Hi-flow Radiator (1997-1999)
Part Number: FHP11-94ACC
Years: (1997-1999)
Note: w/11" Fan
Manufacturer: Fluidyne


Product Image

Note: Images may vary from actual product and specification

Looking good is as important as going fast. Replacing your stock radiator with FLUIDYNE's highly polished, all-aluminum radiator will enhance any engine compartment and score points with the judges or...whoever. Whether your look is chromed, anodized or color-matched, FLUIDYNE's radiators will make the view under the hood "Racey and High-Tech." Combining style with performance, FLUIDYNE's radiator with its polished tanks and 100% NOCOLOK brazed (no epoxy) core provides optimum cooling. The aluminum tanks are welded in place rather than crimped plastic tanks and can withstand high boost pressures from your turbocharger. Our 38mm high performance tubes increase cooling capacity to provide you the extra cooling needed to run advanced timing. Higher boost pressures and advanced timing let you squeeze our a few more horses that will put you in front. FLUIDYNE...the "Cooler-Cooler."
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