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Jeep Wrangler V6-3.8L AFE Advanced Flow Engineering Performance Air Induction System (2007)
Part Number: 75-11252
Years: (2007)
Note: V6-3.8L
Manufacturer: AFE


Product Image

Product Image

Product Image

Note: Images may vary from actual product and specification

For the automotive enthusiast who want all the power and torque he can get, aFe designed the top-of-the-line cold air intake system. Whether it is an spark-ignition gas or a compression-ignition diesel, the more air the engine receives, the more power it generates. For powered enhanced vehicles, whether equipped with turbocharger, NOS, propane, performance module; without more air, you are not getting maximum power. aFe intake systems provide all the air you need.

Remembering our motto Stock Sucks, we eliminate the stock air box, the stock air filter and the stock intake tract. The only thing retained is the stock electronics. We make sure that our systems work with the stock electronics.

In designing the air box, we use the largest air box that we can for each vehicle application. Even though we make it as large as possible, we are careful to use that stock mounting points. There is no need to cut or drill anything when you install our kits. We make the air box as large as possible so that we can get the largest air filter.

Letting more air in through the filter and keeping the hot air out doesnít help much if you canít get the air to the motor smoothly and efficiently. Some intake tracts are better than others but thereís always room for improvement. That is what we do with our intake tube. Our intakes systems use heat blocking molded tubes because you just canít bend a steel or aluminum tube to accommodate the modern engine compartment. With a molded tube, you can remove kinks, sharp bends and obstructions that restrict airflow. By tapering the tube, you can accelerate the airflow for more torque and better throttle response.

Whenever we design a new intake tube, the biggest challenge is the factory Mass Airflow Sensor. You just canít place the MAF sensor any place. The modern MAF sensor is sensitive to changes in air speed and volume. Slight changes can improve performance or it can trigger the Check Engine Light (CEL). We design our tube so that the factory MAF sensor is positioned in just the right place so that you get the best performance possible without triggering the CEL.

As you can see, we put in a lot of effort to designing each air box to fit each vehicle. It takes us a little more time and effort but we do it to make the job of installing our systems easier.

  • Washable/reusable air filter.
  • Replaces factory air box. (check application)
  • Replaces stock air filter. (check application)
  • Replaces factory intake tube. (check application)
  • Black textured molded tubes. (check application)
  • Some applications showed up to 50 HP Gain.
  • Increase ft-lbs of torque.
  • Improves airflow up to 75%.
  • Improves throttle response.
  • Improves acceleration.
  • Improves fuel efficiency.
  • 16-gauge powder-coated steel, very durable, OE look finish.
  • Trim sealed or covered to Seal out hot engine air.
  • Secured PEM-nuts for easier installation.
  • Welded and preassembled sheet metal for faster installation.
  • Pre-positioned opening for Stock attachments.
  • No dangling wires, relocating hoses or tubes.
  • 3-angle velocity stack adaptor on some applications.
  • Powder-coated covers on some applications.
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