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G-Tech Pro Performance Meter Rr
Part Number: GT-230
Note: Universal Fits
Manufacturer: G-Tech


Product Image

Note: Images may vary from actual product and specification

RR stand for Road Racer. It has all the features of the SS model plus Road Racing /Autocross mode in which you recod and replay your Gs and RPMs for a given practice or race session.

PASS - Performance Analysis System Software. It can be used for replaying ad comparing 1/4 mile run or for replaying road race/Autocross sessions. It even replay engine sound based on RPMs

With RR model you can memorize settings for up to 4 cars and jump fraom one to another in a matter of seconds. Some guys get the extra brackets for each car so moving the G-Tech from one car to another is raally a snap.

RR model comes with 2 Megs of FLASH. This is enough to store over 2 hours of Road Race/Autocross session (10 Hz recording.) That is more than full-blown data-acquisition systems costing thousands!

RR model comes with the PC download cable that is used to quickly hook-up your PC and download all the runs and sessions.

RR model comes with the AC adapter so you can power the unit while you are downloading the runs/sessions to your PC.

RR model comes with Permanent Mount which allows you th permanently mount the G-Tech/Pro anywhere in your car. The unit itself can still be taken out of its cradle.
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